Dry Skin Treatments - Topical Ointment Bases

  • Aquaphilic Ointment (Hydrated hydrophilic ointment)

  • Aquaphilic Ointment with 10% CARBAMIDE winter bridesmaid dresses (Hydrated hydrophilic ointment with 10% urea)

  • Aquaphilic Ointment with 20% CARBAMIDE (Hydrated hydrophilic ointment with 20% urea)

  • Lanaphilic Ointment (Hydrated hydrophilic ointment with lanolin)

  • Lanaphilic Ointment with 10% urea (Hydrated hydrophilic ointment with lanolin and 10% urea)

  • Lanaphilic Ointment with 20% urea (Hydrated hydrophilic ointment with lanolin and 20% urea)


Other Topical Products

  • Cameo Oil (Mineral oil-based bath oil)
    16 oz Bottle
    32 oz Bottle

  • RA Lotion (Alcoholic resorcinol lotion)
    8 oz Bottle
    16 oz Bottle

Shipping Costs

Medco Lab Inc. encourages you to support your local economy and ask your favorite pharmacist about availability. If you still can't obtain our products, please send us your name, address, name & quantity of products ordered and a check for the full amount including shipping to:

  • Medco Lab, Inc
    PO Box 864
    Sioux City, IA 51102-0864

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